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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Where is He?

temporal wrote...

the ground beneath

the wail from the minaret
has lost its lustre
and does not move
those on the ground
who go about their business
the minaret misses
bilal and those who heeded his calls
the wail from the minaret
does not move the tree
the mountain
only the deaf flies
over the date seller

where is He?


My reply:

Where is He?

He is between the pages
of a book no longer lived
only read, by blind eyes
recited to deaf people

He is buried in the hearts
of lonely masses
not knowing where to turn to
missing his presence, yet ignoring it

He is in the minds
of all those not allowed to think
just expected to perform
empty movements, without passion

He is in the whispers of the wind
making veils and hair flutter equally
caressing exposed faces
trying to find a way into a burqa

He is in the glaring warm sunlight
warming skins, coaxing plants to grow
and in the soft moonlight
sheltering weary servants

He is in every smile
granted to sad eyes
and parched hearts
on a long journey of search

He is in every gesture
extended to alleviate sorrow
not asking for much in return
except acknowledgement
of his existance

He just IS
no matter what


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just lovely. The sentiment expressed by temporal had touched me, but the reply has left me spellbound, especially because I hadn't expected something like this from you. This is just so different from what you normally write and so pure and simple, yet eloquent. Hope you two keep feeding each others' muses like this (and hope Ms. Bannos continues writing brilliantly *brandishes whip*)

5:11 pm  
Blogger temporal said...

the Shaikh and the Counsellor
were there when they celebrated
in the streets and squares
death of the desert wanderer

from merchants of religion
for ever had he pleaded,
please return all my thoughts
enough! enough from now
shall strive and die by my thoughts

this demand turned friends to foes
street pebbles, and stones
touched his body in many ways

as the intifadah grew
stones befriended his body
and that rapport caused his death

naaseh bhi thaa wahaN shaikh bhi
jash'n manaya her basti nay
oos ki maut pay laikin yaaro
kehta tha jo peeran-e-haq say
lill-lah, loutaa dou afkaar m'ray
ab oonhi kay saharay
jiyouN ga maiN ya marouN gaa

taqaazaa e wapsi e afkaar pay dost
sub bun ga'aye dushman ooskay
aur pathar gali kouchay kay
sha'na'saa banay, dost hu'aye

sung-bari youN baRhti rahi
aur sung dosti fart-e-shauq say
a'jul say ker gaee humkinar oosay

8:08 am  
Blogger temporal said...

the demand was written some years refected a period when clouds had covered the sky...dark clouds

but the earth is forever a silent spectator in this ongoing battle between sun and her(earth's) enviornment

7:29 pm  

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