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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Utter Disgust!

Eight Israeli seminary students were killed on Thursday night, shot by a Palestinian from East Jerusalem who sprayed them with hundreds of rounds of bullets before being killed himself. Ten other students were wounded, three of them are in critical condition. Most of the victims killed were teenagers - 15 or 16 years old – and another nine wounded three in critical condition.

What happened to [6.151] ... and do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden except for the requirements of justice; this He has enjoined you with that you may understand.

Just how can it be justice to kill children? How can that be Jihad?

But what was much worse was this:

And this:

And sadly this seems to be the norm, as it has happened before. According to an Israeli news source Palestinians in Gaza celebrated the double suicide attack in Dimona by passing out flowers and candy, while giving praise to Allah. As news of the attacks spread, drivers honked horns and passersby laughed with joy. A Hamas spokesperson thanked Allah the attacks were successful, calling the bombings a 'glorious act.' Islamic Jihad took the same approach.

I just do not get it and I am utterly disgusted. While the Palestinians have been wronged by Israel for decades, and the situation in Gaza now is beyond acceptability, I simply cannot accept nor understand that killing children (be they Palestinian or Israeli) would help anybody on either side.

What happened to: [2.190] And fight in the way of Allah with those who fight with you, and do not exceed the limits, surely Allah does not love those who exceed the limits.

Do the children fight? Isn't killing children more "exceeding the limits" rather than Jihad?

What happened to [6.151] ..... and do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden except for the requirements of justice; this He has enjoined you with that you may understand.

Is it justice to kill children? And then to celebrate that too?

Remember this? [5.2] ...and let not hatred of a people incite you to exceed the limits,

Retaliation here and retaliation there, reminds me of a quote by Mahatma Gandhi: "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

آل أرفانة آل والنبي تتكسفي على دمك وتقري الكلام ده وبعدين تأرفي من نفسك
وعاملة نفسك مسلمة ؟
The Mercav Harav yeshiva has produced the bulk of the Talmudic leadership of Israeli "religious Zionism," which is the most racist and genocidal ideology in the Israeli state. Among its thousands of graduates are senior rabbis who have themselves either personally killed Arab civilians or called on the Israeli army to show them no mercy. Many Israeli army officers were trained at Mercaz Harav. It was founded in 1924 by Palestine's first chief rabbi, the aptly named Abraham Kook.

According to Mercaz Harav's own internal newsletter of Rosh Hashana 5767 (2008), their students were fighting Palestinians in Gaza ("Students from the Yeshiva as well, have been called up for reserve duty at the front").

The yeshiva's most notorious graduates include Rabbi Haim Druckman, who recently issued a call for the Israeli army to exterminate the Palestinans and show no mercy to Arab civilians; and Rabbi Moshe Levinger, who shot to death an unarmed Arab shopkeeper, a murder for which he received a sentence of only a token few months in jail. Other graduates include David Raziel, the first commander of the Zionist terror group Irgun, which perpetrated the Deir Yassin massacre of Palestinians.

9:48 pm  
Blogger Y. Amin said...

الاسلام برىء من قتل الأطفال والشماتة
that's not what Islam is about at all!

Now you look at this and think. This vicious circle of violence has to be broken or eventually the whole world will be blind and dead!

"Israel's far-right settler movement has set itself on a renewed collision course with the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, declaring that last week's massacre in a Jewish religious school had targeted them directly and vowing to build a new illegal outpost in the West Bank for every one of the killed students."

7:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree totally with you , at last someone who thinks in a logic way and have the guts to stand up and say it .
yes Israel kills and tourture palestinians and everyone in the world with a sane mind despises that .But it is so cowerdly to kill children who cannot fight back and more disgusting to be happy about it ,the correct way is fighting man to man ,this is what Islam had tought us .
Again , wars never solved anything ,,except generate more death and hatered.
I beleive that the human race is so stupid that it will eventually extinct itself

5:15 pm  

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